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Fossil Free SA is the South African campaign for fossil fuel divestment and sustainable reinvestment. The fossil fuel industry threatens us in multiple dimensions – air pollution, climate breakdown, increased conflict, corruption and corrupted governance, economic instability and rent-seeking. Our mission is to help responsibly wind down the fossil fuel industry and secure greater security, prosperity, human rights and ecological stability for all.

Our campaigns and programmes include:

  • Universities

  • Asset managers (#InvestFossilFree)

  • The Climate Reporting Guide

  • Clean Creatives SA

  • Fossil Ad Ban Cape Town

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This is the Substack home of Fossil Free SA, the campaign for fossil fuel divestment and sustainable reinvestment. Visit our own website for more info about our work and campaigns.

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David Le Page

I'm the coordinator of Fossil Free South Africa; a human rights and environment journalist and campaigner; also a dad. I believe change is best won through dialogue and expecting the best of people. Here's to efflorescence!

Jo Smetherham

I am a journalist and PR practitioner helping with comms for Fossil Free South Africa.

Sarah Robyn Farrell

Sarah Robyn Farrell has spent her career advocating for sustainability and socio-environmental justice. She fulfils a multiplicity of roles in the climate justice space including FFSA divestment campaigner. She is also a writer and musician.